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Consent and Signature

Thank you for your interest in The Winstedt School and for starting the application process.

Our learning approach was developed for students with an average IQ or above, and does not cater to students with primary emotional or behavioural difficulties. Where students have emotional or behavioural challenges as a result of educational frustration, support can be provided.

Please provide all the required information in the application form. Be sure to reference the Application Checklist to confirm you have submitted all the required documents.

F-0507 Student Application | Rev 00 | 2 May 2017

I, parent of the above student, declare that the information in this application form is true and correct and undertake to immediately inform The Winstedt School Pte Ltd in the event of any change to this information. If it is found that parents have withheld information from the school pertaining to the child’s cognitive abilities and/or behaviour at any given point, it can and will result in the school’s right to decline the child’s application immediately. I also agree to the terms and conditions of enrolment in The Winstedt School (TWS) as outlined in the clauses below.

1. In the event of illness at school
I will make arrangements for the collection of my child if he/she becomes unwell at TWS because of any illness or reason related to anything outlined in this form.

2. Permission to seek medical assistance in an emergency.
That in the case of an accident or emergency resulting in the need for immediate medical attention, I hereby give permission for the staff of TWS to where appropriate administer any age/weight appropriate medication and in the case of emergency or illness, any such emergency medical treatment as is reasonably necessary and agree that I will reimburse for any necessary expenses incurred by TWS. I also agree to TWS seeking the following:

• Medical treatment
• Dental treatment
• Hospital care and treatment
• Administration of an anaesthetic in the case of an emergency
• Ambulatory service

3. Authorisation for emergency contact.
I hereby authorise the staff of TWS to contact the people I have listed on the emergency contacts, if I cannot be contacted, in the case of an emergency.

It is important that you inform the people on your emergency contact list that you have included them as an emergency contact and that they may be called in the case of an emergency for your child or the school, and asked to collect your child when you cannot be reached.

4. Permission for the application of sunscreen (to be provided by parent).
I hereby give permission for staff to apply sunscreen to my child before outdoor play activities.

5. Permission to Share and Observe
I hereby confirm that The Winstedt School teachers and therapists may share any of the documents (e.g. reports, questionnaires, screening and observation results) disclosed to them before, during or after any tour, trial, admission, therapy consult or therapy together with any of the assessments or screening and observation results undertaken during the application and enrolment of my above mentioned child.

6. Observing in the classroom.
I consent to my child being the subject of observations strictly for screening purposes. Should my child require additional therapeutic assessments/tests, I understand my permission will be sought beforehand.

7. Completing school surveys and questionnaires.
I agree to complete and return any surveys or questionnaires that TWS asks me to complete in relation to the school, my child and my child’s classroom.

8. Policy Agreement
I have read and agree to abide by the policies of TWS as set by the school in conjunction with the regulatory requirements requested of Singapore schools and/or the Council for Private Education. I also acknowledge that, if enrolled, students and parents are bound by the Terms and Conditions of the school’s Parent Handbook.

9. Notification of arrival and departure of children at the school.
I agree to have my child signed in and out on the appropriate documentation at the school on arrival and departure each day they attend the school.

10. Child Absence
I agree to notify the school if my child is absent on a day that they are meant to attend, to include holidays as well as illness.

11. Walking Field Trips
During the school year, TWS teachers and co-teachers will be taking their respective class students on various nature walking field trips to nearby parks and other locations in the vicinity of the school as part of the children’s educational curriculum. We seek parents’ permission to allow for this and by signing this document I give my permission for my child to participate in TWS “Walking Field Trips” throughout the school year.

12. Photo Permission
I hereby give my permission for TWS to use a photograph of my child for any school publication or publicity purposes.

13. I acknowledge that The Winstedt School is a NUT-FREE campus and agree to not pack nuts or nut-products in my child’s bag.

14. Late Payment of Fees
The Winstedt School will impose a late fee on any outstanding invoice as follows. 1 < 30 days overdue will be 2.5%, 31 < 60 days over due will be 3.5% and 61+ days overdue will be 4.5%. In the event school fees are outstanding after 1 month from the due date, the school reserves the right to forfeit the child’s placement and exclude the child from attending classes until such time as the fees are paid. Failure to settle outstanding fees will result in the school not releasing the academic records of the student.

By applying to TWS for a school place for my child and by signing this Application Form I agree to adhere to the Terms and Conditions of TWS and confirm that all the information is true and no information regarding my child’s profile has been omitted.

The information provided on this application form is strictly confidential and are supplied on the understanding that they will be held confidentially by The Winstedt School and not disclosed to third parties without the prior written consent.

Date: Oct 14, 2019